Rapid Prototyping and Engineering opened the door, in 1981, over 30 years ago, as DAF, Inc. under the leadership of David Flick. Dave worked for several professional open wheel racing teams and race car chassis builders. He started the company as a single man machine shop located on Gasoline Alley in Indianapolis, Indiana. DAF mainly provided machining services to the professional racing industry. Over time, Dave diversified his customer base by adding commercial automotive and industrial customers.

With the help of a couple of local investors, Dave moved the DAF operation from Indianapolis to Columbus, Indiana. He renamed the business Rapid Prototyping and Engineering (RPE) in 1996. The purpose of the move was to further develop the commercial side of his business. With the growth realized by being in the Columbus area, Dave moved into his own building in 2000 – where the company currently resides.

In 2006, Dave hired Will Harvey and Kasey Myers to take over the operations, grooming them to take over the future of the company. In 2012 Will and Kasey took ownership of RPE and are fully involved in the company’s daily business operations.