The quality of our work process and the machining equipment and tooling used to manufacture components is key to maintaining a competitive edge, for our customers…and for Rapid Prototyping and Machining.

Quality System Control

  • We undergo a complete computer machine process simulation prior to actual machining operations, reducing setup time and machining errors.
  • A key part of the deployment of our quality system is to define our process for each project, determining the flow and manufacturing approach we’ll use. An in-process inspection and final inspection is defined by the team upon the receipt of each order.
  • We employ statistical process control during the manufacturing process and continuous improvement through team post-process analysis.

Equipment and Capabilities

RPE has a distinct advantage over our competitors because of the knowledge and skill of the personnel involved with manufacturing, the equipment and capabilities we have access to on-site, and if needed, enlisting proven strategic partners to complement in-house capabilities. Eighty percent of our equipment is CNC controlled. Machinists are cross-trained for manufacturing flexibility. And, lean manufacturing concepts are utilized to maximize quality, productivity and efficiency.